Kajol shares DDLJ meme showing her using sanitiser on SRK’s hand

Kajol offers Shah Rukh Khan hand sanitiser in coronavirus meme: ‘Even Simran knows importance of sanitising’.

Kajol shares meme amid coronavirus outbreak.
Kajol shares meme.

Actor Kajol has some sage advice for her fans, amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Kajol took to Instagram to share a meme, created by a man named Pulkit Kochar, urging fans to practice hygiene.

The meme pokes fun at a classic scene from the film Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, in which Kajol’s character chases a train in which Shah Rukh Khan’s character is travelling. As she near him, he reaches out and grabs her hand. The meme shows a still from the scene, with Kajol reaching out not to grab Shah Rukh’s outstretched arm, but to offer him some hand sanitizer. “Even Simran knows the importance of sanitizing,” the meme reads.

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