Japanese man infected with COVID-19 purposely visits bars to spread the disease

Japanese man goes pub-hopping in order to spread the infectious Coronavirus disease.

Coronavirus situation in Japan
Coronavirus situation in Japan

In a gut-wrenching update, a Japanese man who tested positive for Coronavirus visited two bars with a motive of spreading it. The man, in his 50’s told his family, “I’m going to spread the virus” before leaving his house.

Despite being asymptomatic, he tested positive at a hospital in the Japanese city of Gamagori on Wednesday. He was told to wait at home until he could be shifted to a medical facility.

The man, allegedly took a took a taxi to a bar before walking on foot to another Filipino bar. After eating and drinking, the man told fellow customers he had tested positive for coronavirus.

Officials held a press conference and apologised for the incident. The city’s mayor, Toshiaki Suzuki, said: “It is highly regrettable that he did not remain home as instructed.”

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