The 7 women who took over PM Modi’s social media accounts

These are the 7 inspiring women who took over PM Narendra Modi’s social media accounts on Women’s Day.

7 Women who took over PM Modi's SM via The Print
7 Women who took over PM Modi’s SM via The Print

As part of the social media campaign titled ‘SheInspiresMe’ on twitter, PM Modi gave his handles to 7 women. After ‘signing off’ and handing over his accounts, these women posted through his accounts.

Here’s a list of who these women are:

Sneha Mohandoss- Founder of Food Bank India, Mohandoss is striving for a hunger-free planet through her NGO.

Malvika Iyer- A bomb blast survivor, who lost her hands and damaged her legs in the grenade blast in her home in Bikaner in 2002. She is now a motivational speaker, disability rights activist, and a model striving to make fashion accessible to all.

Arifa- A Kashmiri activist seeking to revive the traditional Namda crafts of the region.

Kalpana Ramesh- Hyderabad-based architect, Kalpana runs a city-based project to conserve lakes and rivers.

Vijaya Pawar- An artisan from the Banjara community of rural Maharashtra, she was the fifth woman to take over Modi’s social media account.

Kalavati- An activist who campaigns against open defecation. A mason who hails from Kanpur, she is on a mission to build toilets across the lower income households in the city.

Veena Devi- An organic farmer, she has been growing mushrooms at home through some unique farming-at-home techniques. She has also encouraged several other women to do grow mushrooms in a similar manner.

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