SAFe Vs Scrum: All you need to know!

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If you wish to learn about SAFe Vs Scrum then you are on the right page today. They both are hot topics in the business world and for all the right reasons. The productivity and the results-oriented approach have made them the best of Agile frameworks. But before we dive straight into these differences, let’s find a little more about these agile frameworks and how they are beneficial in an organization! 

If you want to avoid any confusion and have in-depth knowledge about these two frameworks then let’s have a brief introduction of both in the article below: 

What is Scrum?

Known as a lightweight framework, Scrum delivers products of the highest possible value. Using this framework, people can have an adaptive manner of working towards productivity and creativity in order to design such products. With CSM Certification, you can establish yourself as a scrum master. It is one of the most demanding positions in the market and you can have better career growth with this.

There are three roles for organizing, optimizing, planning, and administering the whole process: 

1) Scrum Master: His responsibility includes looking after a certain job in a sprint. 

2) Product owner: His role includes planning and organizing the communication that is needed with the company. 

3) Development Team: The development team works with an objective to complete the tasks for each sprint. 

What is SAFe? 

A popular framework that is used to implement various practices of Agile, Lean, and DevOps at scale, SAFe is the most trusted, sustainable, and customized framework used by enterprises. It is a proven book for building operational collaboration, excellence, and customer satisfaction in the organization. With your SAFe Certification, you can explore more about it and find how this can be beneficial for your career. The core objectives of SAFe include the following: 

– System Thinking 

– Agile Software Development and 

– Lean Software Development 

Now that we are aware of what SAFe and scrum are, let’s move to our topic- SAFe Vs Scrum

SAFe Vs Scrum 

Implementation Context
While Scrum is one of the Agile frameworks that is implemented by the companies for the projects and works with a simple organizational structure, SAFe is implemented as an agile framework for larger bodies that want to expand their agile way of working beyond the scope of teams. SAFe includes a broader version of agile thinking. 

Structure of team and their roles 

If we talk about the structure of the team, the Scrum team generally has 7-11 members which include the main role of product owner, scrum master, and also the development team. But if we go to the team structure of SAFe, we will find key roles at four different levels which include: 

– Release Train Engineer 

– Program Management 

– Value Stream Engineer 

– Solution Architect 

– Epic Owners, etc 

Dependencies in the team 

In Scrum, generally, the level of dependencies in the team is lower as compared to SAFe. In Scrum, the development team has the freedom to organize themselves and manage the workload that is decided for the scrum. But in SAFe, the case is a bit different. Here, a higher level of coordination is required across the team along with the alignment of processes with the management level which creates higher dependencies. 

Time Frames 

In Scrum, projects are implanted within the sprint with each sprint having a length of 1 to 4 weeks. It is a specific timebox where the project is implemented and various ceremonies occur. If we come to SAFe, here the time frame is more or less the same. The structure here includes a 2 weeks cycle in which a plan-do-check-adjust method is followed. 

Aspects and features 

In Scrum, various essential aspects and features are missed but when we come to SAFe, here all the aspects and features of an organization can be managed. In Scrum, middle management does not play a significant role throughout the sprint but in SAFe, there are two significant tiers: Program and Portfolio Management. 

Now that we are aware of the difference that comes with SAFe and Scrum, let’s find out about the approach which you should use to find the right agile framework. Certain elements to consider for this are: 

1) The objective of the company and the context of implementation play a major role in making the decision. 

2) The size of the company matters a lot and one should use this aspect to choose the right framework for their team. 

3) The level of involvement of the management that is needed for the project is another deciding factor that should be given due thought. 

4) The project type can determine very finely which agile framework will work best for it. If you are looking for a smaller project with a fixed sprint timeline, Scrum is the better option. 

5) The company structure along with the opinions of the stakeholders and their requirements are needed to be taken into consideration before choosing the agile framework between Scrum and SAFe. 


In the nutshell, we can safely say the SAFe framework is used when we are looking for a scaled framework. The key difference between these frameworks is the way that they are taken into practice. If you work in a larger organization that deals with scaled projects and mission-critical projects, going for SAFe is the better option. It fills the gap that is left behind when Scrum is implemented. Make sure you are well versed with these frameworks when you start implementing them in your organization. 

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